Our Story

Colonial Oaks Living Center provides a wonderful environment where our residents are happy, comfortable, and well cared for. We provide individualized care based on individual preferences and need.

From the quaint courtyards and parklike setting to our individualized plans of care for each resident, we work diligently each day to promote health and healing!

Our superior medical teams provide nursing care for various illnesses, including medically complex cases and post-surgical rehabilitation for increasing strength and stamina. Of course, medication administration and personalized care are among our top priorities, but we do so much more! We love our residents as if they were a part of our own families and continuously seek ways to increase their satisfaction and comfort.

Food is an integral part of southern living – our southern cuisine is world-renowned for its distinctive flavors and variety! This is also an important part of our social scene. Our dietary team provides several food choices for each course and customizes individual meal planning by learning each resident’s likes and dislikes.

Our facility is located on Ithaca Street in Metairie, next door to East Jefferson Hospital. Our community provides a homelike environment with multiple common areas for our residents to socialize with family and each other and enjoy numerous amenities, making the stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is waiting for you with open arms and open hearts! When you walk through our doors at Colonial Oaks Living Center, we will be honored to welcome you home!